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Scratch Built Models for sale
Please contact me for prices and other details of the models you are interested in.  If there is a model you would like me to find for you, let me know.

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      River Queen,C.1871.used as a dispatch boat in the Cival War.  Scratch built. Scale 1:87.  In case W 10" X L 32" X H 16".  



      HMAS Voyager  scratch built Australia Daring Class Destroyer, 1957.  Scale 1:24, W 21" X L 16' 3.25" X  H 60.5", no case.  weight 360 lbs. Magnificent static display model only.


     Steam powered tow vessel Lackawanna c. 1900.  Scratch built.  Scale 1:192.  In case W 5.5" X L 14" X H 7".  


      Hudson River paddle steamer Armenia.  Scratch built solid lift waterline.  Scale, 1:192  In case W 6.75" X L 19.5" X H 7.5"

      New York Pilot schooner Phantom c. 1868 diorama. Scale 1:96.  In case W 6.5" X L 20.5" X H 17.5".  Scratch built


      "Heading Out" Steamer Nantucket passing harbor bouy., c. 1890.  In case W 16" X L 38" X H 17"  Diorama.  Scale, 1:87 Scratch built.

      Mary Powell, Walking beam passenger steamer, c. 1888.  Scale, 1:154  In case, W 7" X L 28" X H 9".scratch built.

             HMS Beagle, 1831 for Charles Darwin's voyage.  Scratch built planked on solid hull.  Scale 1: 55, In case W 16" X L 40" X H 28"

                 HMS Bounty, scratch built, plank on solid hull.  Scale 1:55.  In case W 14" X L 36" X H 28".

        Viper, Schooner of war 1803, scratch built plank on frames.  Plans from Harold Hahn.  Scale 1: 48, In case size W 14" X L 38" X H 31".


         MERCHANT BRIG PILGRIM OF 1830, Scale 1:64.   Solid wood hull planked over.  In case, size W 12" X L 34" X H 24".  Ships boats planked and framed with all the equipment in them.

                    Colonial Schooner Halifax  scratch built from Harold Hahn plans.  scale 1:32  In case, W 12" X L 40" X H 32".  

     the cutter Alert, plank on frame, scratch built.  scale 1:192,  W 2" X L 6" X H 11.5", plans from Howard Chapelle

        Lochmor Ferry Boat  R/C scratch built.  Plans from Taubman's plan service, scale 1:32,  W 9" X L 35" X H 19",


       A quarter decked brig, scratch built Lexington.  scale 1:48  W 16" X L 36" X H 29" , no case.  Well researched.


  Royal Lewis, scratch built, scale 1:53, W 450mm X L 1100mm X H 850mm

               Gota Lejon, scratch built model. Scale 1:53, size W 480mm X L 1170mm H 900


              Russian Fireboat,  
Steregushi, fully functional radio control, scratch built model.  Scale 1:25.  In case, W 10" X L 42" X H 21".  


  Confederacy, scratch built plank on frame Admiralty style.  In case, W 20" X L 43" X H 14".  Scale 1:64


Constitution, scratch built double plank on bulkhead.  In case, W 24" X L 54" X H 36".  scale 1:76

     Juan Sebastian de Elcano, scratch built, double planked on bulkhead.  In case,  W 14" X L 48" X H 24".  scale 1:110

     Thames Barge scratch built, bread and butter solid hull, W 8" X L 32" X H 26", scale 1:48, no case.

  Ann McKim, half hull, scale 1:96, W 3.75" X L 24.25" X H 5.50

      Volante, scratch built, plank on bulkhead.  W 6.5" X L 22" X H 17", scale 1:96

    Victorine, scratch built plank on bulkhead.  scale 1:96 size W 3.5" X L 14.5" X H 16.25"

    Elsie, scratch built plank on bulkhead.  scale 1:96  size W 3.5 X L 22" X H 18"

        Container ship, scratch built.  Solid carved hull.  Model in case W 11.25" X L 48.5" X H 15.75"  N guage scale.

  Catspaw Dinghy, scale 1:3.  Scratch built, plank on frame.  Frames solid bent oak.  Planking is birch plywood, trim mahogany.  Fittings are bronze.  Screws are to scale and brass.  Size is 52" long.   

         Paddle ship with diesel electric machinery, Talisman.  Scratch built plank on bulkhead.  Holly, pear and brass.  Scale 1:96.  Size W 5.5" X L 28.5" X H 10".       

           Wooden coastal freighter, Edna Christenson.  Scratch built plank on bulkhead.  Scale 1:96.  Size W 7" X L 30" X H 16".

       Train ferry, steam paddle, S.S.Landsdowne.  Scratch built, plank on bulkhead.  Scale 1:128, TTguage train size.  Size length 32".

English coastal steamer Velinheli.  Scratch built, plank on bulkhead, pear, brass and holly.  Scale 1:48  Size W 6" X L 26" X H 14"

           Twin screw steam barge, H.M.S. Kite.  Scratch built from pear, holly, lead and apple.  Scale 1:64.  Size W 8.5" X L 17" X H 11".

              Scottish Zulu ttype fishing boat, Muirneag SY 486.  Well researched and made.  Scratch built from lime,ebony,stainless steel and brass.  Scale 1:32.  Size is W 8" X 48" X H 24".

        Frigate Hancock 1776  Scratch built, plank on frame.  In case W7" X L24" X H14"  scale is 1:96

 PC552 Scratch built US Navy patrol craft.  In case W8" X L27" X H12"  scale is 1:96

           Top sail schooner William Ashburner  1876.  Scratch built, solid lifts.  In case W15" X L38" X H27".  Scale is 1:64

                Brig Washington c 1837.  Scratch built, solid lifts.  In case W15" X L32" X H26".  Scale 1:64

                    Whaler Sunbeam. In case on case console table.  W18" X L40" X H58".  Scratch built double planked on bulkhead, using Channing's plans.  Scale 1:64

 Whale boat.  In case L16" X W? X H?

 The Brig Boxer.  Scratch built.  In case W13" X L33" X H26".

                    Dallas, double planked on bulkheads.  Scratch built from kit plans.  Scale is 1:32, size is W 12" X L 31" X H 29".

        No.44, 1901 Pleasure Launch, plank on frame.  Scratch built from apple wood and pear wood.  Scale is 1:50, size W 2.5" X L 8" X H 2.625".